Tenders Electronic Daily.

What is Tenders Electronic Daily?

Tenders Electronic Daily, is the official website of the European Union. It is updated each working day with tenders that have been published that working day. Tenders from the public sector are published on Tenders Electronic Daily when they are valued above a certain threshold.

EU legislation stipulates that any tender created by the public sector that is above a set figure, must be published on Tenders Electronic Daily. All major British public sectors are covered by the legislation, meaning the NHS, councils, universities, the Ministry of Defence and transport must all use Tenders Electronic Daily as part of the EU legislation.

The website is a database of tenders in the EU. At TendersDaily.co.uk, we provide an external notification and alert service, which is ran privately. Data is gathered from the TED website and entered into our database. It then sends our clients daily updates to their email inbox of the latest TED tenders and more. Below is more information on what you can receive if you use Tenders Daily.

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One of the most respected high value
tender notification services in the UK and Europe.
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Tender alerts before 7am (UK time) to ensure that
to give you the most time available with each tender.
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Over 160,000 tenders are available on our system
each calendar year from Tenders Electronic Daily.
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At £295 per year, it is one of the most affordable
tender alert services for Tenders Electronic Daily.
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A range of providers are included, such as Defense,
Transport, Councils, Education and the NHS.

The Tenders Daily service is available
for a £295 annual fee.
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